Pilot Program in Planning Stages

On the evening of April 5th a small group met to discuss a shared desire to bring a photography outreach program to our local community. The idea, in its more simple form, is to run a free photography class for local teens  for six weeks during July and August.

Ambitiously, we hope  to kick off our pilot program this summer.  Three experienced teachers have volunteered their time and expertise for our first summer outreach session.  The program is geared for students ages 12 to 16 and will encompass all aspects of traditional black and white photography including, how to use a camera,  develop film, and make prints in the darkroom.  Students will be encouraged to photograph their surroundings as well as objects and persons familiar to them.  The six week session will culminate in a  gallery show exhibiting the students’ photographs. Family, friends, and members of the community will be invited to attend and show support for the young photographers.

The Outreach Team is now working on connecting with students to participate in the pilot program and in raising funds to make our vision a reality.  Project Basho will need the support of friends, sponsors, and the larger community to secure the cameras, film, and paper necessary to run the program. Together, we know we can run a viable outreach program that will positively impact youth in our community.

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