Small Class with a Big Ambition

Hi, my name is Grisha and I am a darkroom monitor here at Project Basho.

We are very happy to announce our photography outreach program will launch as a pilot program this summer. The 6-week introductory class is intended for local students ages 12-16 who want to explore their individual creativity and interest in photography.

The co-instructors, Rebecca, Olga, and I, have gotten together recently to plan our curriculum and are very excited about the program. This is an excellent opportunity for young photographers to learn the basics of black and white darkroom photography while providing a chance to build their portfolios for future studies. All equipment and materials will be provided.

Through demonstrations, lectures, and studio work, students will be introduced to the technical and aesthetic fundamentals of black-and-white photography. The first half of the course will focus on using a 35mm manual single lens reflex camera, developing film, and making prints.

Working from this technical foundation we will introduce students to portraiture, landscape, and still-life photography and encourage them to use their cameras to look at their surroundings more closely. Through seeing, making, and talking about photographs we hope the students will learn about how to view pictures as well as how to express themselves through art. The class will culminate in a gallery show of student work at some point in the fall.

Dates & Time: Mondays, 1 pm – 4 pm, July 6th – August 10th
Location: Project Basho — 1305 Germantown Ave.
Number of students: 10

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