The First Day of ROP is Here!

Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a volunteer at Basho and I’m helping out with the ROP program this summer.

The first day was a fantastic success! The 10 teens from Centro Pedro Claver arrived today and we are thrilled to have them!

First our eager teachers introduced themselves and the teens expressed their interest in the medium and even shared ideas about things in their lives they would like to document.

The teachers, Grisha, Olga and Rebecca, were ready to immediately hand out cameras and get everybody started. After learning the parts of the camera, loading the film and covering the basics, we moved outside and started taking photos. They carefully planned and composed shots of each other, neighboring Olde Kensington buildings, a Mural Arts Tour trolley, their shoes, some trees….

The students got a ton of information in their first class; shutter speed, aperture, focus, depth of field, exposure, etc. It was a lot to take in, but once cameras were in hand, they seemed like naturals. They helped each other, asked great questions and were eager to take more photos over the next week.

emerald house 039

emerald house 031

emerald house 049

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